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War Chest Season 3 Now Live In StarCraft II

In the rear with the gear

The next season of the War Chest is upon us and with all conquests comes the spoils of battle.

Packed with over 70 items including new sprays, emoticons, portraits, and never before seen Skins, the War Chest is bursting with loot. The War Chest can be purchased for your favourite race, or all three can be purchased and in addition to the ‘random’ race banner, you’ll also receive loot for Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. As with all War Chests, 25% of the funds go directly into increasing the BlizzCon 2018 prizepool as well as future StarCraft II event production.


Here’s an overview of all of the Skins that will be coming in the newest War Chest:

  • Terran Umojan Skin: The Terran forces have gotten their hands on the cutting-edge technology of the Umoja outfitting their soldiers and vehicles to be even more deadly than before.
  • Protoss Golden Age Skin: Reaching deep into their past, the Protoss now don the glorious Golden  Age armor from a time when the Templar’s might was unquestioned.
  • Zerg Simulant Skin: Finally, the ferocious Zerg take on a form that even their most advanced strains could never reach. The robotic Simulant Zerg ditch their organic forms and become cold machines of destruction.


The third season of the War Chest will bring a brand new way to customize your look in StarCraft II with Banners. Each War Chest you purchase will come with its own race-specific Banner and is proudly displayed when entering into any Versus or Co-op game. Plus, if you purchase the War Chest bundle, you’ll receive an exclusive “random” banner for those players who let fate choose their race.

XP Boost

In addition to all of this sweet loot, players will enjoy a 50% Co-op experience boost. This boost will be applied to the base and bonus experience of Co-op experience gained, giving you the potential to earn even more progress than any previous War Chest. Also new to this experience boost, it will not be limited to 30 days but will be live for the entire duration of the War Chest event. That means players can level up their favourite Co-op Commanders from 10th August until 7th December AEST.

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To check out the awesome loot you can snag, more information on the StarCraft II War Chest Season 3, and to learn how you can receive loot for Diablo 3Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone head over to the Blizzard blog.

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