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Watch the Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Here

Shut your claptrap

Upcoming long-time-coming threequel Borderlands 3 got its first gameplay reveal this morning; a whole hour, to be exact. You can rest easy: It’s still the same Borderlands you fell in love with a decade ago. It’s even got some new features, boosting gameplay variety and even improving the co-op experience. You can check out the full show below, or cut past it for a round-up of the more important gameplay bits:

  • Some guns now feature alternative fire modes, not unlike 2016’s DOOM. A Valdov pistol was shown off that could fire missiles, so that’s awesome. Some Elemental weapons can also swap elements.
  • Borderlands 3 will feature destructible cover, and some parts of the enviroment can be triggered by elements. For example, setting an oil patch on fire will (shock) set it alight.
  • Some Skills can be modified or upgraded.
  • Co-op is getting some drastic changes.  For starters, everybody now receives their own loot. No more arguing over OP weapons! Players will also fight enemies – and get loot – at their own level. So, enemies will appear at the appropriate level for each player, even when playing split-screen. This is called ‘Loot Instancing’, but you can revert to the old system if you want to.
  • Guns now do more than just make clanking sounds on the floor when you toss their emptied husks. Some guns now have special abilities when discarded. One became bouncy and sentient, reminding me of a sentient musket I had once in Pathfinder. His name was ‘Gun Solo’. We took a Vaudeville act on the road when the campaign ended.
  • Your new home base is Sanctuary, a ship that serves as your ferry between planets. You can store guns there, recover loot that you didn’t pick up, and prepare for your next outing.

More story content was revealed as well, but I won’t spoil that for you. Winking emoji. Borderlands 3 is still scheduled for release on September 13th for PS4, Xbone, and PC – as an Epic Store exclusive.

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