We’ll Get Our First Glimpse Of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order In April

Respawn Entertainment are one of the hottest developers on the planet right, riding the coat tales of the excellent F2P Battle Royale behemoth, Apex Legends.

For those who are not aware, the celebrated team are also hard at work on the next Star Wars title for EA called Fallen Order, which (as we know so far) follows a surviving Padawan not long after the events from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith have transpired.

After, you could say mixed reactions to the latest licensed Star Wars games in the Battlefront saga, this is welcome news.

Respawn are one of the most respected developers out there made up of some of the best creatives in the business, especially after the stunning (and criminally underrated) Titanfall 2, which mixed some of the finest FPS combat in years with a beautiful tale of man and his machine, fusing elements of The Iron Giant, Chappie and The Notebook.. It’s love man!

On that note, EA have just announced via Twitter that we’ll be getting our first glimpse of Fallen Order on April 13th during the Star Wars celebration in Chicago.

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Aside from the tiniest fragments of info, that is all anybody knows at this point. But be rest assured, this could be the year Star Wars is back in fine form throughout the video game market if the brilliant track record from Respawn is anything to go by.

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