Wicked Witch Responds To Fans Over AFL Evolution Concerns

This previous Thursday (May 4), a momentous occurrence occurred in Australian sport and video game development with AFL fans and gamers alike getting a new AFL adaptation in the form of AFL Evolution.

The game has received a mostly mixed response from consumers with some appreciative of the work that developer Wicked Witch has done, while others have been more critical and have taken to their keyboards to lambast the Melbourne-based development team on their efforts.

Over at internet forum Bigfooty, fans have been giving their 2-cents worth on what they think of the game. Most of the game’s criticism is directed at the difficult marking mechanic, the ease of which superstars are acquired via trade in Competiton Mode, the commentary and the inconsistency in tackling free kicks being awarded. If you want to have a gander at the forum topic click here.

A member of the Wicked Witch team has posted a reply in the thread, giving players a couple of tips to try and improve their experience with the game. You can read the response below:

Hi all,

Good to see people exploring the game and letting us know their thoughts and comments, positive, constructive or otherwise! ;) Special thanks to those that are giving the game a chance and supporting us, it goes a long way.

From reading through comments in various locations here and other places, we can see many people are not installing the day1 patch before playing!
This patch is a MUST for the game as it improves gameplay, and fixes some important bugs.
Furthermore, it is a good idea to delete save game or start a new career after the patch is confirmed as installed, as save games may have bugs saved within them.

Also, if players are seeing *censored* names, please ensure every controller that is connected is signed in, and that the sign in profile is set to over 18.

We hope this helps and you have a great weekend learning the game and exploring the modes and options.
Lastly, we are collating the feedback, and hope we can bring a patch to address any concerns, major and minor, in the near future!


It’s good to see that the development team is monitoring various platforms and listening to feedback.

For those that have the game, what do you think so far? Anything you think WW can do better?

Our review should hopefully be up sometime over the weekend.

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