World of Warcraft’s – Patch 7.2 Launches Next Week

One of World of Warcraft’s biggest content updates to date arrives next Wednesday, 29 March AEDT/NZDT.

The Tomb of Sargeras (Patch 7.2) will see heroes returning to where it all started, as The Broken Shore opens up as a new zone for the first time, and presents an opportunity for vengeance against the Legion. 

With a multi-week campaign, a new dungeon, features like PvP Brawl, the ability to earn flying and class mounts, and major updates across the board, The Tomb of Sargeras will challenge adventurers to band together and strike at the heart of the Legion’s foothold on Azeroth. Watch the introduction to The Tomb of Sargeras below, where Kil’jaeden reflects on the march of the Burning Legion and all it has meant for his people.

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