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Xbox One X Enhancements For Shadow of War and Wolfenstein II

Get ready to play in 4K

With the release of the Xbox One X, it has been announced that an update for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, has been released alongside it.

This update allows players to enjoy Shadow of War in an immersive, 4K and HDR gaming experience, and once players have downloaded the update, they are able to choose from two enhanced modes that Shadow of War has to offer on the new console.

The first enhanced option focuses on the game’s resolution and includes features such as increased texture detail (targeting native 4K).

The second enhanced option focuses on the game’s overall quality, and includes features such as increased draw distances, improved shadow conditions, improves lighting conditions, increased vegetation, improved ambient occlusion, higher polygon counts, and texture filtering improvements.

For those uninterested in Shadow of War, it has also been announced that an update for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, has too, been released.

This update includes general support for the Xbox One X, as well as new in-game content.

In regards to the Xbox One X support, Wolfenstein II introduces the support of 4K resolution, and dynamic resolution scaling.

As for the new in-game content, the Freedom Chronicles Episode Zero is now available for those who pre-ordered and Season Pass holders who redeemed codes.

On top of this, the Vault is now unlocked. The Vault features 10 new combat simulations playable from the Main Menu or in Evas Hammer (required progression to Chapter 2), as well as leaderboard functionality.

Please note, that with the nature of the Xbox One X and these enhancement updates, 4K and HDR viewing is dependent on the screen you are gaming on.

So, what does everyone think about these enhancement updates? Exciting, or a waste of time to download? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Tegan began gaming with her father when they would play Street Fighter together on her Nan’s PlayStation. Since then she has fallen in love with indie games, AAA games (I’m looking at you Tekken) and everything in between. Starting off as a console player, and more specifically an Xbox player, Tegan has now recently begun her new gaming ventures on PC. You can find her playing dating sims on Steam @carrotphernelia if you so wish.


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