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You Will Need Your PS4 Camera To Play Playstation VR On PS5

A choice that we really don’t get

There has been a lot of conversation around hardware compatibility coming from PS4 to PS5, like the DualShock 4 controller only being compatible with the new console when playing PS4 games. One piece of hardware that I was not expecting to have to bring over for the next-gen though was the PS4 Camera.

On the official Playstation website, underneath the breakdown of the PS5 accessories, information about the Playstation Camera adaptor is shown. It states that in order to play PSVR games on your PS5 you will need your camera from your PS4 (either model is fine) as well as the Playstation Camera adaptor. This adaptor looks like it will be provided at no cost, but further details as how to acquire this adaptor will be provided at a later date.

An interesting choice, especially considering that the PS5 has its own new HD camera available at launch. What is stopping this newer hardware from performing the same as its PS4 counterpart? Who knows, but you’d better be ready to log onto the Playstation website to grab an adaptor if you want to continue playing your VR games on PS5.

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Zachary is a console gamer at heart, but is slowly coming over to the PC side. Rhythm games like Project Diva and Groove Coaster are his comfort food, but is happy to dive into any genre if it looks enticing enough. His favourite game of all time is Portal 2 despite his struggle with modern puzzle games. Twitter - @simply_daft PSN - SimplyDaft Twitch - Simply_Daft




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