You’ll Be Waiting A While For All Of Mortal Kombat 11’s DLC Characters, But You Can At Least See Their Trailer Now

Fans of Mortal Kombat 11 have been clamouring for some concrete DLC details, and they finally have a trailer locking down who to expect in the first round of additional kharacters.

The only problem is, the dates at the end of the video show that people will need to be buckled in for a long ride, with the last character dropping in March of next year:

Of course, the reasoning for this slower release schedule is a direct response to the claims of extreme crunch being forced on the team at NetherRealm, who released a statement closer to the initial game release explaining that they were going to be mindful of their workers health and set a healthy pace.

While I personally applaud the initiative to address the issue with crunch culture in the gaming industry, plenty of MK11 fans are gnashing their teeth about having to wait so long – not to mention, this is only Kombat Pack 1, there is a lot of information to suggest a second pack of kharacters that will likely drag the life of MK11 into 2021.

If I was going to direct some ire at the trailer, I’d much rather be asking the question – What the fuck is up with the Joker. The dude looks like an instagram model doing dress up!

Maybe the many, many months leading to his release will see some iteration done to make him look less… stunning?

The first two Kombat Pack Kombatants, Shang Tsung and Nightwolf, are available now.

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