A 2019 Release Date For Cyberpunk 2077 Is Looking Mighty Likely

We all know that the legends over at CD Projekt Red have some huge stuff to tell us when E3 drops later in the year, more so (and aside from a rumoured Lady Gaga appearance) we’ll be getting official word on the release date.

That’s really all we know at this point, however a recent job listing (why not apply?) has just popped up advertising a new position for a Release Manager within the company. Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t exclusively mentioned however as far as we know there is nothing in the pipeline coming from the studio right now apart from the title, as such there is a bloody good chance this is the coveted role within the company will soon be helping to make our Blade Runner dreams a reality.

We’re looking for a quality-focused and well-organized Release Manager to support us on our current and upcoming projects and to take part in  coordination of all global product releases. As release manager you will cooperate and communicate with all stakeholders from the CD Projekt involved in the release and take active part in organizing whole process. It includes submissions to first party console manufacturers, oversee compliance certification process and working with partners on publishing process on multiple platforms.

The listing also includes the usual pre-requisites for development on AAA titles (as well as mention of “fresh fruit twice a week for everyone in the office, a wide choice of tea, fancy coffee machines and 7 types of milk”)

Sign me up!

To add fuel to the circuit fire, Territory Studio – who helped create that iconic gritty logo for the game have said (in a since deleted post via Reddit) that a 2019 release is indeed happening. The long lost post stated: “Territory came on board Cyberpunk 2077 to support brand and marketing with a logo ident and graphics package. Working closely with CD Projekt, we referenced a retro punk aesthetic that alludes to the attitude and energy of the game”.

and finally..

Unveiled at E3 2018, we look forward to a 2019 release.

All aboard that speeding cyborg hype train of doom friends!

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