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‘Accessibility Unlocked’ Is A New Initiative To Promote Accessibility To Aussie and Kiwi Developers

The Trans-Tasman friendship gets a new pro strat

A new initiative has launched to promote accessibility in video game development, and connect disabled developers to each other.

Accessibility Unlocked, an initiative made up of Australian and New Zealander figures, aims to ‘connect disabled developers within the community to each other as a support system’, ‘create a landing space for resources and community’, and ‘further accessibility discussions and successes’ by bringing together abled and disabled developers and players.

While still in its infancy, Accessibility Unlocked has accumulated a, no doubt, helpful set of resources. The group has a likewise commendable diversity in both experience and profession: A games officer of Film Victoria, a developer of the upcoming dog dating/petting sim Best Friend Forever, a composer-cum-engineer and ‘a strong advocate for diversity in games‘ (quoted from her studio) being those heading up the charge.

While no events or projects are planned thus far, Accessibility Unlocked announced its birth through a Twitter thread:

Initiatives like this bring a tear to my cold, black heart. It’s a sign of hope in an otherwise brutal culture, a promise that we can promote accessibility without relying on controversy. I, for one, am very excited to see something like this pop up, and can’t wait to see what they can cook up.

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