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AFL Evolution 2’s Digital Release Gets Moved Forward A Week

The release date was just given the don’t argue

With the season on ice, it’s good to know that footy fans have a digital saviour in the form of AFL Evolution 2. The game, set to release physically on April 23, ended up being moved forward to April 3, though copies are hard to get ahold of in the wild if you haven’t preordered.

For those who are in self-isolation, or just prefer to get their games digitally, there is some good news. Announced on the game’s social media platforms, AFL Evolution 2’s digital release had been moved from April 16 and will now be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One on April 9.

As for physical stock, it was also announced that selected JB Hi-Fi, EB Games and The Gamesmen stores will be receiving limited units by tomorrow (April 8).


A separate post acknowledges player feedback and promises that the issues that the game currently has are being worked on and will be rectrified in future updates. Though the ETA of said update wasn’t given, it’s good to know that these problems are being worked on.


Our review for AFL Evolution 2 is still in the works, but you can expect to see it up in the coming days.

Have you got your hands on AFL Evolution 2? Or will you wait for the digital release? Let us know.

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