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After Initially Saying No To The Idea, Sea of Thieves Finally Adding AI Enemy Ships

Skeleton Ships will be unleashed on July 31

Sea of Thieves is a game that boasts a beautiful open world – but at times, that world can feel a little empty.

Roaming the waves can feel a little lonely if you are unlucky enough to enter a particularly quiet session, with the original statement from the developers making mention that they wanted ‘every ship you encounter to be another human crew’ – as a player, this bummed me out. NPC enemies, when done well, can enrich a game in a great way.

Enter the Sea of Thieves ‘Cursed Sails’ title update, which thankfully backpedals on this particular design goal. The skeletal scourge of the shores has now taken to the sea, with crews of boney buccaneers looking to fill your vessels with holes. There is also word that they will terrorise the outposts of the game, so players could even discover that their safe havens are now fraught with peril – making the selling of their precious loot a much harder task!

Watch the reveal below:

Players will also get access to the new 3-person ‘Brigantine’ ship, finally bridging the gap between the 2 player Sloop vessel and 4 player Galleon. Plus ‘Brigantine’ is fun to say.

The ‘Cursed Sails’ update will drop July 31st, and costs a grand total of zero dollars, so if you felt a little stung by Sea of Thieves high-ish release price – you can take comfort it’s not coming for any more of your booty any time soon.

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