Agony Has Been Delayed In Australia Until June 8

Agony Has Been Delayed In Australia Until June 8

Impending demonic horror game Agony has had its Australian release date pushed back until June 8 the game’s Australian distributor has confirmed. The delay appears to be limited to the game’s console release (both physical and digital), with the game’s Steam release unaffected. As a guess I’d say it’s stock-related. It’s common that physical releases are delayed ever so slightly due to delivery issues. However, rarely does it affect the digital version.

The Kickstarter-financed (to which yours truly backed) title is set for a global release on May 29 after suffering several delays. It is unknown whether this delay will affect codes Kickstarter backers receive.

Agony was recently the subject of censorship concerns after Mad Mind Studio confirmed they had to edit content within the game to meet ESRB rating guidelines. PC players will have access to a censorship removal patch after launch.

In Agony players take control of a tormented soul in Hell where they must discover the truth behind the Red Goddess to find their way out. In addition to the single-player campaign, players will be able to challenge themselves in the game’s open challenge mode which features randomly generated levels and allows players to gain high scores by surviving longer.

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