Another Year, Another Ape Escape Tease

Another Year, Another Ape Escape Tease

Those damned apes are at it again! Back in June we reported on the opening of a new Twitter account celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Ape Escape. Since then the account has been posting all kinds of cute images, behind-the-scenes glimpses and celebrations of the original Ape Escape games. Something the account hasn’t done, much to my dismay, is give any solid indication that a new Ape Escape game is coming.

Instead, they persist in teasing me.

The latest blatant effort to give me hope is this tweet from a few days ago:

The automated English translation of which is:

“Happy New Year. This year also, exciting, wonderful! To send lots of important information!”

Now, that could honestly mean anything. But to me, this is a clear indication that more Ape Escape is on the way, and I won’t be told otherwise!

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