Apex Legends Is Getting A New Limited-Time Mode Called Battle Armour

Apex Legends Is Getting A New Limited-Time Mode Called Battle Armour

With Season 4, Assimilation, coming to an end, Apex Legends has seen a few changes and additions, including a permanent duos mode and the cycling of both maps, World’s Edge and King’s Canyon.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has announced a new limited-time mode that will finish off Season 4 with a bang. Named Battle Armour, the mode will remove all armour pick-ups in the game, instead kitting you out with specific armour at the beginning of the match.

This mode will take place exclusively on the World’s Edge map and will run from April 29 (3 AM) through until May 13 (3 AM). The conclusion of this mode will see the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5, though no details of what the new season will bring have been given yet.

The type of armour you start with will change as the event rolls on, here’s the schedule:

  • April 29 (3 AM AEST) – May 3 (3 AM AEST): Level 1 (White) armour.
  • May 3 (3:01 AM AEST) – May 7 (3 AM AEST): Level 2 (Blue) armour
  • May 7 (3:01 AM AEST) – May 10 (3 AM AEST): Level 3 (Purple) armor.
  • May 10 (3:01 AM AEST) – May 13 (3AM AEST): EVO armour

Shield cells and batteries will still be available, so you will be still able to recharge your shields, but everyone on the map will drop with the same armour class so there will be no health advantages, levelling out the playing field. All players will drop with a P2020 pistol as well which, despite being fairly crap, will at least provide you with a weapon to land with. This is likely to result in aggressive plays to happen earlier in the match.

As you might have noticed, the date for Season 4 ending/Season 5 beginning has been extended by a week, so if you haven’t completed the Battle Pass for this season you now have a bit more time to do so.

I know that I’ll be jumping into Battle Armour (and ditching that P2020 ASAP), but what do you think? Are you keen on this limited-time mode? What have you thought of Season 4? Let us know.

You can find all of the detail for this event on the Apex Legends Website.

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