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Battlefield 2042 Announced; Includes 128-Player Warfare, Dynamic Weather And No Single-Player Campaign

See you for battle in October

EA and DICE have officially unveiled the next entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042, with a stunningly bombastic reveal trailer that includes everything from land and air vehicular warfare, battles on the frozen tundras of Antarctica to killer tornadoes. While gameplay wasn’t shown off (that’s coming next week), EA did announce that Battlefield 2042 will land on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X&S, Xbox One and PC on October 22, 2021, with 7-day early access for EA Play members and those who pre-order the Gold or Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042. Those who pre-order will gain access to the game’s open beta happening closer to launch.

Battlefield 2042 marks the return to a modern setting for the series, albeit a near-future setting. Set in…you guessed it…2042, the premise sees the world on its knees with a shortage of food, clean water and energy leading to the collapse of several countries and the greatest refugee crisis in history. As a result, many no longer have a flag to fight for and are known as the Non-Patriated, or No-Pats for short. With the United States and Russia dragging the world into all-out war, the No-Pats are now fighting for both sides with no other purpose than to be on winning side when the dust settles.

Last week I was treated to a behind the scenes look at the game, where a number of bombshells were dropped. Firstly, Battlefield 2042 will not feature a traditional single-player campaign, with the game’s story being told via a trinity of multiplayer experiences (All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and another being developed by DICE LA still to be announced). Secondly, on PS5, Xbox Series X&S and PC, the All-Out Warfare ‘experience’ will feature 128 players, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will remain at 64. Lastly, Battlefield 2042 features a dynamic weather system that will see deadly tornadoes, sandstorms and twisters occur at random times and wreak havoc across the map.

“Battlefield 2042 is an evolution of the franchise and embraces what our players want – the ultimate Battlefield multiplayer sandbox with intense combat and a ton of incredible, unexpected events,” said Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of DICE.

DICE also revealed that Battlefield 2042’s playable characters will be called Specialists, a new type of soldier that is inspired by the traditional four Battlefield classes. Each Specialist has an identity and will have a Trait and Speciality unique to them, as well as customisable loadouts. There will be 10 Specialists available at launch, with DICE revealing the first four during the reveal event. You can read about them here.

Yes, that is a soldier in a wingsuit being chased by a tornado

Furthermore, DICE confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will have Battle Passes, with each Season (and its Battle Pass) giving players access to free and paid content, as well as pushing the narrative forward. In year one there will be four Seasons of content, four new Specialists, new locations and other content.

It may only be a cinematic reveal trailer, but I am already hyped to get my hands on Battlefield 2042 and am looking forward to the game’s release in October.

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