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Battlefield 2042 Preview – A Whole New World

Conquest like you’ve never seen before

Like so many other Battlefield fans, my favourite mode to play is Conquest. Capturing objectives as part of a squad on incredibly large and spectacular maps while taking out the enemy team really brings out the competitive streak in me. So when Battlefield 2042 was announced, I wondered how they were going to top their previous multiplayer modes…and then they revealed even bigger maps with up to 128 player support on new-gen consoles and PC. 

With no campaign, Battlefield 2042 will rely on its fan-favourite multiplayer modes as well as their new game modes Battlefield Portal and Battlefield Hazard Zone to bring in both new and old fans to this new addition to the franchise. Thanks to EA, I had the pleasure of being one of the first to try out the new and improved Conquest mode, checking out the Orbital map which will be available to play in the open beta this week – and let me tell you that Conquest is sure to get your heart racing. 

Ready for any combat situation

One thing that stands out to me about Battlefield amongst other similar FPS titles is just how dynamic the maps are. For example, in Battlefield V, having the buildings around me deteriorate throughout the events of the game as a consequence of heavy artillery and vehicle damage created some awesome and fresh vantage points, and just made the maps feel so alive. 

Orbital expands on that even further with environmental hazards such as tornadoes that can randomly wreak havoc on the map. One of my favourite interactive set pieces on this map has to be the rocket – it automatically launches after a set time and you can choose to let it launch peacefully…but if it receives enough damage before lift-off, it will explode. I loved the level of engagement the Orbital map gives to players through both the set pieces and environmental factors like weather as it most certainly heightens the Battlefield experience. 

The gunplay feels solid overall but if I’m being super picky, standard eliminations and headshots are lacking that satisfying punch that I felt in the previous two games, however we were told we were playing an older build, so I hope this element in the final build has been improved. Aside from that, it’s really interesting how you can now change your attachments while in the middle of a battle – not just at the deployment screen. This feature is called the Plus System and It definitely gives players more control over their playstyle if they find themselves in different combat situations. 

Now with no class system, Battlefield 2042 allows players to pick from different Specialists who have their own signature traits and specialty. Maria Falck is what would’ve been previously known as the Medic class – her S21 Syrette Pistol allows her to heal herself and her teammates at a distance (as well as damage enemies). Falck can also return downed players back to full health when reviving. 

I quite enjoyed what all the Specialists had to offer, and it still feels similar to the class system with the addition of some awesome traits, like the Assault Specialist Mackay having a grappling hook (Apex Legends Pathfinder mains should definitely get around him). 

If you thought the 64 player maps were hectic, 128 player maps are another level of chaos. This meant more enemies at every corner trying to shoot little old me down trying to revive my teammates (although I lost track of how many times I was run over by a vehicle – yikes). Some larger zones have two objective points which force players to cluster together, and it’s obviously the best place to get some action.  

It was absolutely terrifying holding the point in a building, only to hear vehicles pull up around you, accompanied sometimes with some comical honking coming from the enemy team. You know you’re screwed, but with your specialist’s features, you know you’re in for a good fight. 

It’s over – I have the high ground

The most important question – are we able to pat the robot dog?… It seems like we won’t know just yet. 

I’m keen as a bean to squad up with my mates when the beta commences this week. You can check out the dates and details for the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta here. 

After I had a chance to sink some hours into the game, a live Q&A session answered some burning questions regarding Battlefield 2042’s gameplay and launch. It was confirmed that PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers will utilise the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features at launch, and full controller support will be coming to launch for PC. The panel also mentioned that there will be more accessibility options available at launch.  

For those diehard Battlefield fans, there is no suppression system in 2042, and the health regeneration rate is slower than previous titles but this will be fine-tuned. There’s still no news on Battlefield Hazard Zone or Battlefield Portal, but there will be more details to come at a later date. 

Will you be checking out the open beta this week? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our social media pages.

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