Death Stranding Tie-In Album Tracklist Revealed, Features CHVRCHES And Bring Me The Horizon

Death Stranding Tie-In Album Tracklist Revealed, Features CHVRCHES And Bring Me The Horizon

Seems like everything is really starting to come together for Hideo Kojima, his studio Kojima Productions, and their highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding.

Between the mammoth gameplay reveals recently, the game finally going gold and that shiny new limited edition PlayStation 4 being unveiled you’d think there’d be nothing left to talk about at this point. Evidently though, you’d be wrong. Announced on the PlayStation Blog, we now know that the publisher has partnered with RCA Records to produce an original tie-in album for the game, titled Timefall, that features a plethora of well-known artists and bands like CHRVCHES, Bring Me The Horizon, Major Lazer and Khalid.

Kojima is famously a fan of many of the featured artists so, as with many aspects of Death Stranding’s development, it’s pretty great to see him making a game that he’s passionate about alongside people that he’s passionate about. Check out an excerpt from the PS Blog announcement:

Here at Sony Interactive Entertainment, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with RCA Records to release a full album for upcoming PS4 game Death Stranding.

Timefall (Original music from the world of Death Stranding) is named for the mysterious rainfall that affects all it touches, while its songs find their inspiration in the game’s narrative focus: Sam Bridges and his journey to reconnect a fractured society and save mankind from extinction.

SIE and Kojima Productions set out to find artists in many different genres whose music evoked some of the key thematic elements in Death Stranding.  Each artist on Timefall spent time with the team at SIE, interacting with the game’s story and vibe, coming up with their own unique takes on connection, love, loss, and rebirth.

Today, you can hear the first of these, from renowned Scottish anthemic electro-pop group CHVRCHES.  After spending time with Mr. Kojima at Kojima Productions in Tokyo, the band were inspired to write an original song.  We’re thrilled to share it with you, the first of several hits to come.

CHVRCHES’ original title track for the game can be heard here:

For those uber-hyped fans, there’s also an official Death Stranding playlist featured a ton of other tracks that have either inspired the music in Death Stranding or are inspired by it. You can check that out right here:

Death Stranding releases November 8th, 2019 for the PlayStation 4.

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