Divinity: Original Sin II Announced

Divinity: Original Sin II Announced


(Source: High Def Digest)

Although ‘Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition‘ has not yet even had a chance to wow console players, Larian Studios has announced that ‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ is in development for PC. The first game is a co-op CRPG smash hit, and the sequel is being built on that success, that tech, and that method. There is going to be a playable prototype at PAX Prime (booth #6011), and for good reason, Larian Studios credits much of the first game’s success to its Kickstarter and Early Access origins, and they want an even great level of fan input for the new game.

A Kickstarter for ‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ will launch on August 26th, but before that, Larian wants fans input on Kickstarter rewards. (Vote for the rewards and get Kickstarter updates here.)

In an open letter to fans, Larian Studios founder, Swen Vincke, is describing ‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ as the studio’s “most ambitious RPG to date” and “one that will either sink” the studio, “or go on to be remembered as” their “best game ever!”

While ‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ is headed to Kickstarter, Swen is quick to point out that with the core tech in place, backer input can be focused on gameplay, and the entire turnaround time of the project can be much shorter than other similarly scaled projects.

The original (and brilliant) game will find it’s way to Xbox One and PS4 on October 20.



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