Doom Eternal Gets A Launch Trailer And It’s Glorious

Doom Eternal Gets A Launch Trailer And It’s Glorious

We are now a mere week away from the release of Doom Eternal and the hype is not slowing down. With each new detail, hands-on preview and trailer we get, it seems more and more likely that this new entry will not only meet, but clear the high bar set by 2016’s DOOM (which we gave a 9.2).

In saying that, a badarse new launch trailer for Eternal has dropped that will hopefully tide you over until you get your hands on the game. A good serving of story, plenty of horrific-looking demons and of course a healthy dose of violence, what more could you want from a trailer? Get your peepers on it:


Doom Eternal will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 20, 2020.

Do you dig the launch trailer? Are you pumped for Doom Eternal? Let us know.

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