Fortnite Battle Royale – Starter Pack Released

Finding those $30 legendary skins just a bit too pricey on the old wallet in Fortnite?

Epic got you covered fam. With a pretty nifty release in a new Starter Pack that includes a very swish Rogue Agent skin. Looking straight out of something like Halo (Could be a nod, I mean.. we have John Wick to unlock at tier 100 with the battle pass challenges). You’ll also get some sexy back bling with the new Catalyst pack.

On top of this, you’ll snag 600 V bucks as well, the games store currency, not a bad deal considering 1000 V bucks will set you back around $10 USD (about $13-$14 AUD) If you already have the battle pass and haven’t been buying much, you will quite easily be able top rack up those bucks for some nifty purchases if dropping a shitload of cash at once isn’t your thing.

The Starter Pack retails for $4.99 USD in the in-game shop, which at the time of writing is around $7 here in the land down under (And NZ, we love you too).

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