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Here’s Our First Look At The PS5 User Interface

New is always better

After first showing us the controller, then the console design, and then finally revealing the release date and price, all that remained a mystery was the PS5 user interface. And tonight that final box was ticked, with PlayStation releasing an 11-minute video showing off the new user experience, and wowee is it new and exciting.

First and foremost, the iconic blue backdrop from the PS4 loading screen has been replaced by a black backdrop. Logging into the PS5 will take you to home screen and it’s been given a massive overhaul. While the tiles are still there they are smaller and are now in the top left of the screen, and scrolling down will let players see more info relating to the game.

A new section of the UI is called Explore, and here players will be able see the latest news from PlayStation and games you’re following, as well as “trending media from the community.” We also got a tease of the new PSN Store, which is no longer a separate app, instead it is integrated into the PS5’s UI and promises a quicker and more personalised experience.

The biggest change is what PlayStation is calling the Control Centre. Here we see a new layout which features cards. On these cards are things like recent screenshots, and new features, such as Activities, which allows players to see active and suggest gameplay opportunities, jump straight into levels, as well as go back and complete objectives you may have missed. Players with an active PS Plus subscription can take advantage of a new feature called Official Game Help, which shows hints and tips on how to complete objectives without the need to go to Google. The coolest part is this is all done with the game you’re playing running in the background.

The video goes on to explain some of the network boons of the PS5, such as watching your mate play a game while you play your own game, and joining a mate in a multiplayer game. Check out the video below for the full breakdown:

What do you think of the new PS5 UI? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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