Heroes Of The Storm – All The Latest News!

Heroes Of The Storm – All The Latest News!



What has been happening in the Nexus lately?

It’s all come down to the final four teams, who are right now hard at work preparing for this weekend’s grand finale of Heroes of the Dorm 2016 in Seattle. To help celebrate their victories, and the incredible efforts of every team competing in this tournament, Blizz are making every Hero available to play completely FREE and granting everyone 50% bonus XP! Don’t forget to make the most of the event by inviting a friend and you’ll both gain a 50% friend bonus on top of the event XP for every game played in a party together!

Log into Heroes of the Storm during the following timeframes to take part in these events:

Unlocked Heroes Event:

Saturday, 9 April 3:00AM AESTTuesday, 12 April 3:00AM AEST

50% Bonus XP Event:

Tuesday, 12 April 3:00AM AESTTuesday 19 April at 3:00AM AEST

The Heroic Four and Grand Finals showdown will be aired on ESPN and ESPN2 in Australia and New Zealand on April 10 and 11 — tune in, because this is an esports event you won’t want to miss!

Heroic Four April 10, 8:30pm-11:30pm AEST ESPN (Tape delay)

Grand Finals April 11 10am-1pm AEST ESPN2 (Live)


Tracer, the time-jumping adventurer from Overwatch, is getting ready to make her Heroes of the Storm debut! Equipped with the chronal accelerator designed by her gorilla scientist pal, Winston, and a pair of deadly pulse pistols to match, this highly mobile ranged Assassin zips around the Battlegrounds of the Nexus, catching enemy heroes off guard and then vanishing before they have a chance to react. She can move while attacking—a first for a Heroes character—and has a single Heroic ability that she can customise by upgrading it in three different ways.

Tracer will be available starting April 20 exclusively to those who pre-purchase a digital copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition for Windows PC. Starting on April 27, she’ll become available for sale to everyone in the Nexus. Those who plan to purchase Origins Edition on other platforms will receive Tracer when they pick up their copy of the game starting on May 24.

Strengths: Mobility, Escape, Sustained Damage

(Trait) (D) Reload

Tracer is able to execute Basic Attacks while in motion. Activate to reload all Ammo over 0.75 seconds. This trait activates automatically when player ammo reaches 0. Basic Attacks consume Ammo and add pulse bomb charges.

 You can attack 10 times over 1.25 seconds, draining Ammo with every shot. Reload sets your Ammo to full.

(Q) Blink

Quickly dash toward target location. Includes 3 charges.

 6 second cooldown per charge

(W) Melee

Deal damage to an enemy, prioritizing the nearest enemy Hero. Hitting non-Heroes grants 5 Pulse Bomb charges. Hitting Heroes grants 10 Pulse Bomb charges.

 8 second cooldown

(E) Recall

Returns player to the position they were 3 seconds ago. Also refills Ammo and cleanses negative status effects.

 Comes with 1 second of invulnerability while it casts

 24 second cooldown

(R) Pulse Bomb – Tracer’s only Heroic!

Attaches a bomb to the first target hit, dealing damage in an area, or 2x damage to the primary target.

 Dealing damage charges this ability

 Costs 100 charges to cast

 Holds maximum of 100 charges

Pulse Bomb is available to cast from level 1. Instead of a second heroic, at level 10, Tracer can pick talents to modifyPulse Bomb in the following ways:

[R1] Sticky Bomb: Increase the radius by 50%, and enemies hit are slowed by 60% for 3 seconds

[R1] Quantum Spike: Pulse Bomb no longer does damage in an area, but deals additional damage to a single target equal to 15% of their Maximum Health

[R1] Pulse Rounds: The range of Pulse Bomb is doubled, and Basic Attacks versus Heroes give 50% more charges to Pulse Bomb

Talents by Level

Level 4

 Parting Gift: Recall leaves behind 3 bombs that deal 250 damage each to different targets.

 Is That a Health Pack?!: Increases Regeneration Globe and Healing Fountain healing by 100%.

 Untouchable: Takedowns increase your Basic Attack damage by 2% up to 30%. These bonuses are lost on death.

Level 7

 Jumper: Increases Blink’s charges by 1.

 Bullet Time: Basic Attacks lower the cooldown of Blink by 0.1 seconds.

 Spatial Echo: Using Recall grants 2 charges of Blink.

Level 10 (Heroic Upgrades)

 Sticky Bomb: Increases Pulse Bomb’s radius by 50% and enemies hit are slowed by 60% for 3 seconds.

 Quantum Spike: Pulse Bomb deals an additional 10% of the primary target’s maximum Health.

 Pulse Rounds: Increases Pulse Bomb’s range and charge rate from Basic Attacks against Heroes by 100%.

Level 13

 Bullet Spray: Increases Melee’s radius by 50%, and causes it to damage all enemies in range.

 Ricochet: Your Basic Attacks have a 50% chance to hit another nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes.

 Leeching Rounds: Your Basic Attacks against Heroes heal you for 20% of their damage dealt.

Level 16

 Sleight of Hand: Reduces Reload time by 50%. This equals 20% more damage per second.

 Focus Fire: If an entire ammo magazine is unloaded on an enemy, the last bullet will deal 90 bonus damage. This

is equal to 30% of the total magazine.

 Locked and Loaded: Reactivate Reload within the last 50% of its cast time to increase your Basic Attack damage

by 35% for that magazine.

Level 20

 Get Stuffed!: Reduces Melee’s cooldown by 3 seconds. Hitting an enemy with Melee who is stuck with a Pulse

Bomb causes the bomb to instantly explode and knocks the target away from you.

 Total Recall: Recall also heals you equal to the amount of Health lost during that time.

 Composition B: If you successfully stick a Pulse bomb to an enemy Hero, you also drop another one at their feet

that deals 50% damage and explodes slightly earlier.

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