Whitemane Has Dropped Into The Nexus

The High Inquisitor bringing all the heals into Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Of The Storm – Alterac Pass Now Live

Plus 50% bonus XP for a limited time!

Heroes Of The Storm – Lunara Rework Detailed

More poison than Alice Cooper could handle

Heroes Of The Storm – Mindfreak To Descend On The HGC Mid-Season Brawl

Latin America ain't no match for the boys in blue

Heroes of the Storm – Lore & Order

Diving head first into the world of the Nexus

Heroes Of The Storm – The Maiev Effect

She came in like a wrecking ball

Heroes of the Storm – Reworking Tyrael

Does justice continue to prevail with the big rework?

Heroes Of The Storm – All The Latest News!

Heroes of the Dorm Full Free Hero Roster, Introducing Tracer and Double XP Bonus incoming

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