Heroes Of The Storm Developer Q&A Inbound!

Heroes Of The Storm Developer Q&A Inbound!

Blizzard will be hosting a Q&A for its rather wonderful MOBRAWLER Heroes of The Storm.

(Source: r/heroesofthestorm) We’d like to answer your questions about Kharazim, Infernal Shrines, and the latest Patch Notes. We’ll be hosting the Q&A on August 20th, at 12:01 PDT. We’ll be bringing in a few of our designers to answer your questions during the time of their visit.

Attending the Q&A will be:

  • Game Design – Brett Crawford
  • Game Design – John Deshazer
  • Game Design – Kent-Erik Hagman

The duration of the Q&A will be for roughly 2 hours, so make sure to be available and post your questions in the thread created for the event on the 20th of August. We look forward to seeing you there!

As a note: We’ll be asking other regions to partake in the AMA by submitting their questions to the Community Managers representing their region. As such, you might see a few Blizzard Community Managers posting questions, on the community’s behalf; in English during the Q&A. Feel free to upvote the questions, as normal, if you’d like to see an answer.

Set those alarms heroes!


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