Heroes Of The Storm – Heroes Global Championship (HGC) ANZ Premier Survival Guide

Heroes Of The Storm – Heroes Global Championship (HGC) ANZ Premier Survival Guide

The inaugural phase of HGC ANZ Premier League starts tonight, so here’s a Survival Guide to help you get prepped for what’s ahead!

The eight teams competing in the 2018 season are:

  • Nomia
  • Outlaws
  • Crimson
  • GG Go Next
  • Rich Gang Ethugs
  • Downfall
  • Nekomimi
  • QM Warriors

Joining them to cast all the plays from the ANZ Premier League are:

Micheal “Disconcur” Roberts is a prominent figure in the Heroes of the Storm ANZ scene since its release back in 2015.

André “Skimmy” Allchin has been involved with Heroes since closed alpha. He originally played professionally for Team Exile5 as captain and assassin. Last year he was fortunate enough to be invited to cast at the Western Clash and BlizzCon.

Kori “Vandie” Bassi decided to take the plunge into commentating after wanting to channel all her years of playing games into another outlet. She received a chance to get involved in Heroes of the Storm with ANZ Heroes hosting some community tournaments and the rest, they say, is history.

Matthew “GL Phoenix” Hunter was first introduced to esports casting in 2013. In 2016 he tried his hand at casting Heroes of the Storm and it’s been his primary focus ever since.

All the action from HGC ANZ Premier will broadcast on twitch.tv/blizzard_anz at 7:30pm AEDT / 9.30pm NZDT each Tuesday and Thursday commencing  27th February.

Don’t forget to check out the recap of the preseason qualifiers and the HGC blog for more information.

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