Kingdom Hearts III’s New Trailer Is The Best One Yet

Kingdom Hearts III’s New Trailer Is The Best One Yet

After a hectic few days involving copies of the game leaking very early, and the revelation that the complete ending won’t be on disc, there’s no doubt we all needed some slightly more positive news around Kingdom Hearts III.

Luckily for us, Square Enix have swung very nicely back into Kingdom Hearts hype mode with a lengthy new ‘Final Battle’ trailer. In the trailer we’re treated to both of the game’s main theme songs, as well as a glimpse into the hardships that Sora and friends will face in what is poised to be their biggest, and final, struggle. It’s almost tempting to look away at points in fear of spoilers, or just because the beloved characters from Toy Story and Monsters Inc are having such a hard time, but it’s also impossible to look away because it’s so damn beautiful!

Watch the full trailer below:

Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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