PlayStation Is Shaking Up The Trophy System Ahead Of The PlayStation 5 Launch

PlayStation Is Shaking Up The Trophy System Ahead Of The PlayStation 5 Launch

First implemented partway through the PlayStation 3’s life cycle, Trophies have become an integral part of the PlayStation ecosystem and have spawned countless trophy hunting communities and a whole culture of Platinum Trophy bragging.

Now that we edge toward a whole new generation of PlayStation, it’s about time that Trophies had a makeover, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Sony has detailed in a blog post today exactly what’s changing, but we’ll give you the short version here:

Trophy Level Changes

The biggest new change is that your Trophy Level, the number that sits beside your Trophy count and shows others at a glance how many shiny digital prizes you’ve unlocked, is being recalculated. Previously, levels ranged from 1-100 with levelling slowing right down in as low as the 20-30 range. Now, they’ll range from 1-999, meaning players will level up faster and levels will better represent exactly where someone is at in their trophy hunting journey. Obviously, existing levels will be recalculated, and Sony says that a good example would be a level 12 player will now be somewhere in the low 200s, showing that it’s not a 1:1 calculation but an entire shift of the ratio.

Trophy Level Icons

Starting with the PlayStation 5, Sony is also updating the little star that’s been sat next to your trophy level since time began. The icon is being updating to actively reflect a player’s trophy level, ranging through variations of bronze, silver and gold before capping out at platinum for anyone that manages to break the level 999 mark. These changes will come first with the PlayStation 5’s new UI and then roll out to the PS App at a later date.

Of course, none of these changes will affect the Trophies themselves – their values, descriptions or requirements to earn – but will simply change the way player’s totals are reflected. Sony has reiterate that Trophies from previous generations will still carry across to the PlayStation 5 as well. There’s no need to do anything when these changes arrive in the next couple of days either, it’ll all adjust on the system-side automatically!

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