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PS5 Predicted To Be Cheaper Than The Xbox Series X; Production Reportedly Shorter Than Expected

Priced to perfection?

As the PS5 showcase draws closer, more and more price predictions find their way to the internet. One prediction that does seem to hold some weight is from Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Masahiro Wakasugi, who claims that the disc drive version of the PS5 could retail for “as low as US$449,” with the digital version coming in at US$399. This would put the console below the price of the Xbox Series X and could see the PS5 retail for around A$699 and A$599. While these are hypothetical figures based on conversion rates plus tax and other fees (import costs etc.), PlayStation coming in cheaper than Xbox is something we have seen before. Whatever the cost, we won’t have long to wait with Sony’s PS5 showcase this Thursday morning (6am AEST) set to reveal all the details players have been waiting for.

The prediction was reported by Bloomberg Japan (the article is now available in English), and it goes on to state that PlayStation has shortened its fiscal year forecast for the production of its PlayStation 5 console from 15 million units down to 11 million units as a result of issues producing enough of its custom-designed system-on-chip. This does not mean that less PS5s will be available at launch, with industry analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeting that PS5 launch stock is greater than that of the PS4. Meaning that instead of being a supply issue, it is an issue of how much demand there is for the console. From what we have the seen online, the demand for the PS5 is huge, meaning that unfortunately some players may miss out on a PS5 early doors.

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