Psychonauts 2 Has Been Delayed Again, Now Coming In 2021

Psychonauts 2 Has Been Delayed Again, Now Coming In 2021

There are very few things out there that would prompt me to wake myself up at 2am. The Xbox Games Showcase that was just beamed out across the world probably wouldn’t have been one of them, either. That is, if there wasn’t a chance at seeing a new glimpse at my most anticipated game of the last few years, Psychonauts 2.

The good news is, the show delivered. We got a fresh look at the game in a trailer full of new gameplay and story bits, plus one Mr Jack Black introducing an actual fucking song for the game. Jorts well and truly tight.

The slightly-less-good news? We didn’t get a release date for the game, and in fact we now know that the game won’t be coming in 2020 as once hoped. Later confirmed in a tweet by Double Fine, it seems the game is releasing some time next year in 2021. As usual it’s important to remember that game delays can only be better for the final product and for the teams that are working on them, so it’s hard to really be upset about it. But I also am, just a little.

Check out the very cool new trailer below:

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