Sony Have Announced New Special Edition Controllers

Sony Have Announced New Special Edition Controllers

In a recent announcement, Sony has confirmed that three new special edition controllers will be joining their DualShock 4 range as of the 17th of October.

For fans of Sony and collectors of controllers, you may remember the release of the Crystal DualShock 4 controller last year, and today I am pleased to inform you that Sony will be showcasing the controller once more.

This new release of the Crystal DualShock 4 controller will feature numerous upgrades alongside both direct USB and wireless control options, as well as a redesigned touch pad that reveals the light bar from above to provide in-game cues such as your health status!

On top of the return of the Crystal controller, Sony will also be expanding the range, offering new and exciting colourways.

Up for grabs upon release, Sony will be offering fans the chance to purchase the classic Crystal colourway, alongside the new special edition Red, and Blue models.

All editions of this controller feature a striking translucent design with an added vibrant colour hue, making it perfect for fans to find a model that suits their style.

So, what’s your favourite colourway? Let us know in the comments below.

*Crystal range not available in Russia. Red Crystal and Blue Crystal not available in the UK. Please check with local retailers for further details regarding price and stock availability.

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