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Sony To Have A Limited PS5 Output In Its First Year According To Sources

They might all be limited edition

Sony has taken an interesting approach in delivering news on their upcoming PlayStation 5. Back in October 2019, via an interview with Wired, we were told that the console would be named the PlayStation 5 and alongside this, we were given a number of base details.

It wasn’t until March 2020 that we were given the full list of specs, closely followed by the unveiling of the console’s new controller, the DualSense.

Speaking with Bloomberg, inside sources have revealed details on what to expect from the console’s release. According to said sources, Sony is planning on limiting the initial production run of the PS5 in its first year, producing a far smaller amount compared to the PS4 during the same time frame.

Apparently, Sony has informed their assembly partners that they plan on making 5-6 million units in the initial fiscal year (ending March 2021). The PS5 is still on track to launch at the end of 2020, meaning that those numbers would be targeting the consoles first two sales quarters. In comparison, the PS4 sold 7.5 million in its first two quarters, so the PS5s initial run will be significantly smaller.

The smaller output is apparently caused by a combination of component demand as well as a higher price point. According to previous insider reports, the console could see a RRP of AU $750, though of course this hasn’t been confirmed yet. The Bloomberg report also claims that Sony might drop the price of PS4s at the same time as the PS5 launches to lessen the impact of the smaller output.

Though Sony claims that COVID-19 won’t cause a delay for the PS5, it has affected the company’s marketing and promotional plans which might go some of the way to explain Sony’s odd approach.

What do you make of this news? Do you think a delay might still be on the cards? Let us know.

Shoutout to Bloomberg

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