Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Has Been Delayed

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Has Been Delayed

I don’t want to be dramatic and say that my day is ruined thanks to this news, but that’s definitely the case. Shortly after it was announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini in March, the re-release of Star Wars Episode 1: Racer was given a release date of May 12, which, if you haven’t lost track of your days while you’ve been stuck inside, is today.

In late April, developers Aspyr Tweeted out an update on Racer, announcing that the PS4 version has been delayed until May 26, with the Switch version releasing as scheduled. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last update, as Aspyr announced on Twitter this morning (May 12) that the game has been delayed across both consoles, with no new release date given.

As sad as this news is for fans of the original game (like myself), the reason for the delay is completely fair, as the dev team is, like many people across the world, still working from home which no doubt causes many issues.

Are you keen for Star Wars Episode 1: Racer? Will you be grabbing it on Switch or PS4? Let us know.

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