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The Medium Has Been Delayed

Rough, but understandable

It’s been a shaky few days for the next-gen horror title The Medium. Set to be the first proper Xbox Series X/S exclusive, Bloober Team’s newest title was recently refused classification in Australia, meaning that the developer will have to alter and resubmit the game before it can make its way to our shores. That’s not the only bump in the road though, as Bloober Team has just released a Tweet explaining that The Medium has been delayed.

Originally scheduled to release on December 10, the dimension-blending horror game will now launch on January 28, 2021. The team have put the delay down to the COVID situation in their home country of Poland, combined with the current release schedules of other big titles. Though specific names weren’t explicitly mentioned, it’s safe to assume that the delay is largely in response to the new release date for Cyberpunk 2077.

As rough as this news might sound, it will likely be best for the game in the long run. Now we just need to cross our fingers that it gets reclassified for Australian release.

Do you like the look of The Medium? What games will you be playing on the launch of the new consoles? Let us know.

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