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The Original Playstation Is Getting Its Own Official Mini Classic Console

Wallets at the ready!

Here’s something huge: Sony have just announced that the humble PlayStation (or PS1, or PSX) will be getting the ‘classic mini’ treatment this year! Yes, the same concept that sent Nintendo fans into a tizzy with the NES and SNES re-releases is about to take PlayStation fans on one hell of a nostalgia trip.

The PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller than the original console and launches this December 3rd, a significant date because the original PlayStation launched on the same day in 1994, and carries an RRP of $149.95AUD. For that money you’ll get the mini console, which sports an HDMI output and two wired original PSX controllers, plus 20 games loaded onto the system. There will also be a virtual memory card for save data. Only five games have been announced so far and these are Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms and Jumping Flash, with more to be announced prior to release.

Specific Australian retail information hasn’t been made available yet, but those interested can sign up to emails on the official page. In the meantime, check out the trailer and some product shots for the console below:

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Kieron started gaming on the SEGA Master System, with Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy. The 20-odd years of his life since have not seen his love for platformers falter even slightly. A separate love affair, this time with JRPGs, developed soon after being introduced to Final Fantasy VIII (ie, the best in the series). Further romantic subplots soon blossomed with quirky Japanese games, the occasional flashy AAA action adventure, and an unhealthy number of indie gems. To say that Kieron lies at the center of a tangled, labyrinthine web of sexy video game love would be an understatement.




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