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The PlayStation Store Will Soon Discontinue Movie And TV Rentals And Purchases


Depending on how you consume media this news will either be upsetting or confusing; upsetting because you might rent movies and TV episodes from the PlayStation Store on the regular, or confusing because you forgot that was an option and figured that Sony stopped doing that ages ago.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, it was announced on the PlayStation Blog that movie and TV rentals and purchases on the PlayStation Store are being discontinued as of August 31. In the statement by Vanessa Lee, SIE’s Head of Video Business, she said that this move is a reaction to the massive increase of customers using subscription-based services to watch video content. Those who have previously purchased movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store will still be able to access their content, but no further purchases will be possible from August 31 onwards.

Is this a move that impacts you? When was the last time you rented or purchased a TV show or movie from the PlayStation Store? Let us know.

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