The PS5 Has 667GB Of Usable Storage; PS5 Games Can’t Be Stored On External Drives

The PS5 Has 667GB Of Usable Storage; PS5 Games Can’t Be Stored On External Drives

The embargo for PS5 console reviews lifted on November 6, and while WellPlayed didn’t have early access to the console, our friends over at Press Start Australia were lucky enough to, with their very own Shannon Grixiti confirming a number of the console’s features (or lack thereof).

First and foremost, while it has been rumoured for a while, Press Start confirmed that of the PS5’s 825GB SSD, the console will launch with 667GB of usable storage. While this isn’t terrible, it’s hardly ideal given the size of games and patches these days, especially as you won’t be able to install a bigger internal drive on launch.

PS5 storage (image credit: Press Start Australia)

We know that PS5 games won’t be playable from an external drive, with only PS4 games able to be stored on and played from external drives for now. But the lack of internal storage could have been mitigated somewhat if PS5 games were able to be moved to an external drive while not in playing rotation. However, Grixti has confirmed that PS5 games are unable to be moved from the PS5’s internal SSD to any external drive, meaning that games will need to either be left on the drive or deleted and re-downloaded should you wish to free up space but play that game again later, which is more than a slight pain in the arse given the PSN’s painful download speed.

Only PS4 games can be moved to an external drive (image credit: Press Start Australia)

If you want to check out Press Start’s PS5 review you can do so here, however it seems like PS5 owners are going to have to be wary of how many games they install for now.

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