The Sonic Movie Trailer Is Here

The Sonic Movie Trailer Is Here

Well, it’s here. It finally happened. Are you ready? Because I sure wasn’t.

Let’s break down some pros and cons:


  • Jim Carrey’s bringing back his old schtick, which I’m pretty happy to see.
  • That Eggman costume at the end looked pretty dope too.
  • Uuh, rings?
  • That Genesis reference was nice, I suppose.
  • The memes are already lit.


  • T E E T H
  • I don’t think there could be less appropriate choices in music. The leaks seemed too ‘good’ to be true. Now, we pay for our hubris.
  • At no point does Robotnik say ‘snooping as usual, I see’.
  • I’m still not on board with making Sonic look like a little man in a very elaborate skin-tight fursuit.
  • Hey, you know what’ll really have them rolling in the aisles? A joke about child abduction! Woo.
  • Sonic’s 90s-cool persona was already pretty dated before, but putting it into film where every character is now a wise-cracking snark-o is a bit…yeah, not digging it.
  • I’m too old and jaded for this movie.

The movie is set for release in November.

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