The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Is Out Now On PlayStation VR

The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Is Out Now On PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR fans, you’ve been patient and now is your time – Skydance Interactive’s excellent zombie survival shooter The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners has stealth-dropped onto PlayStation VR today!

With some mighty impressive review scores on PC VR platforms since launching in January, Saints and Sinners has no doubt been high on the list for many PSVR fans. Studio co-founder Peter Akemann recently told VentureBeat that the game was ‘awesome’ on the PlayStation headset and that it would be coming very soon, but quite how soon we didn’t know until now.

At the time of writing it seems like the announcement hasn’t even officially been made yet, but if you want to grab the game you can find both the Standard and Tourist editions at the below link (for Australian PSN users, at least):

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners for PSVR on PlayStation Store

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