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Ever sat at home watching terrible late night TV and thought to yourself: “I should write stuff about games and banter with a sweet bunch of peeps who only occasionally get butthurt?” Well we have/did and created this website to all but shatter any hopes of spare time we may have had. If you too wish to have no spare time and perhaps enjoy a game or two and want to write about it, we want you! Yes, that’s right, we’re recruiting (NB: You will not get paid with actual money but rather with potential adoration by the gaming masses).

So what do you have to do? It’s easy, just write something, can be anything really. It could be about yourself, an article about a game or just a rant (about 500-1000 words). Submit it to us to have a gander at and we’ll let you know if you’ve made the illustrious group of mad bastards and bastardettes (this is the 21st century and we have women in our ranks too) known as Do You Even Game Bro?. It doesn’t matter about your gender or choice of preferred platform, we’re just looking for something fresh. if you love games or anything gaming related and you can write your name in cursive you’re already better than half of us. So get to it folks. As an added bonus, take a geez at some pre-existing articles on the site and if your piece fits into one of the opinion categories, we’ll feature it on our (read: your) site!

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