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Apex Legends New Dark Depths Event Introduces A New Arenas Map And Some Cool Cosmetics

The games are getting nautical

Respawn Entertainment has announced a new limited-time event for Apex Legends titled Dark Depths, running from January 11 until February 1.

Dark Depths will see the arrival of a new Arenas map called Habitat. Located on a small island near Storm Point, this tropical location is home to a Leviathan skeleton and a number of rock formations that provide cover and vantage points. Sporting plenty of open space and verticality, this new map will likely see fights take place at a longer range. Opposing that, however, is a cave that sits on the edge of the area, filled with Leviathan eggs that can be used as cover. Those who prefer things to be up close and personal will definitely be heading here.

The Dark Depths event will also feature three Flash Events that players will be able to earn unique items from. Similar to past events, players will progress through the three trackers by completing challenges. Each Flash Event will be around for a week, so don’t miss out on grabbing some cool gear.

Lastly, the event will come with its own set of purchasable Dark Depths Packs. These ticks can be purchased for 400 Apex Coins and will give the player one random event-limited time (with 40 being available in total). If you’re not willing to wager, you can also purchase a whole bunch of deep sea-themed skins for your favourite Legends while the event is on.

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Will you be jumping on for the Dark Depths Event? Which skin is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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