Check Out This Epic Looking Custom Made God of War PS4 Pro

In celebration of the recent launch of Sony’s God of War title, Melbourne-based modder TAGMods, in conjunction with Australian YouTube channel The PopCulturists, have come together to create an epic looking custom made God of War themed PS4 Pro, complete with a customised controller and full-scale replica Leviathan Axe.

To make the console look even more badass and authentic, the hand-made Leviathan Axe lights up and pulsates, just like Kratos’. And the controller embraces Kratos himself, with an ashy white finish and red scar to match. The console itself is inspired by the Fire Troll seen in the E3 demo, with a steely purple finish lined with striking gold symbols. The amount of work and effort that has gone into bringing this project to life is amazing, with The PopCulturists co-founder and owner of the guinea pig PS4 Pro Ryan Betson stating that it is ‘simply sensational and one of a kind’. We agree, the console is gorgeous and definitely a piece of work that any PlayStation fan and gaming enthusiast would love to have. Check out the stunning console in the video and collection of images below:

Based in Geelong, TAGMods is run by Ethan Cooper, who has been modding consoles for over two years. You can view his work on the TAGMods Instagram and Facebook pages as well as the YouTube channel linked above.

Comment below if you would love to have this God of War themed PS4 Pro?

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