GreedFall Developer Spiders Gets Acquired By Bigben Interactive

GreedFall Developer Spiders Gets Acquired By Bigben Interactive

French publishing company Bigben Interactive, known for publishing games such as The Sinking City, WRC and a variety of sport titles, has recently acquired the developer Spiders.

Spiders have a history with RPG games like Bound by Flame, The Technomancer (which we scored a 4) and their upcoming title GreedFall, which is set to release September 10th this year. Despite the acquisition, it does appear that GreedFall will still be published by fellow French publisher Focus Home Interactive, with subsequent games released by Spiders moving over to Bigben.

Bigben Interactive’s portfolio of developer studios has been steadily growing with Cyanide and EKO Software entering the fold over the past few months. With Spiders now under their banner, Bigben now has quite the lineup of French AA developers.

Acquisitions, publishers, developers, it’s all very business isn’t it, how about a trailer for Spiders upcoming game GreedFall? Alright, here you go:


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