Pokémon GO Update – Is Tracking Back?

Pokémon GO Update – Is Tracking Back?

A new Pokémon GO update has dropped and among the usual ‘Text Changes’ one little nugget has people all aflutter – What appears to be the replacement functionality of the tracking feature!

New to this update, Grass has now appeared behind ‘Nearby’ Pokémon, which apparently dictates that the monster has been ‘sighted’ nearby.


So far there is a lot of speculation as to how exactly it works (and in typical Niantic fashion it isn’t well documented), however a clever Reddit user has offered the following advice:


Based off initial feedback, this appears to be mostly correct at the time of this article. Only time will tell as more things undoubtedly come to light!

Full notes available online: http://pokemongolive.com/en/post/update-080816/
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