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Redfall Leak Reveals A Bunch Of Game Information And Screenshots

A bit more clarity on what to expect

Announced earlier this year during Xbox’s E3 2021 Showcase, Redfall is the newest game from Arkane Austin – a game that seemingly puts you and others in the shoes of vampire hunters. Details on what style of game it was weren’t revealed, with some hypothesizing that it would be in the same vein as Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood. However, over the weekend a bunch of information and screenshots from a Redfall playtest leaked on Imgur, giving us some insight into what to expect from the game when it does launch in 2022.

While we’re not going to publish any of the leaked materials here, you can easily find them with a quick search on Google or social media if you are keen to have a gander. As someone who is an Arkane fan and keen to feed on any bit of Redfall news I can sink my teeth into, I had to have a cheeky glance at what was doing the rounds.

The biggest takeaway from the leak is that Redfall’s gameplay mechanics are similar to that of Borderlands, with weapons of varying tiers tied to player levels, XP gained from killing enemies and completing missions, and boss fights similar to 2K’s looter shooter. Other information gleaned is that players will have six characters to choose from, all with a unique ability, and players will be able to play either solo or co-op.

Moreover, there will be a mix of vampire and human enemies, the size of the open world is akin to Fallout 76 and Ghost of Tsushima and will feature no loading screens, players can utilise either stealth or an all-out attack approach to missions, the menu looks very Destiny, and there will be an item shop, which will likely sell microtransactions. It’s worth remembering that these screenshots aren’t representative of the game’s final quality and are from an in-development build of the game. It certainly sucks for Arkane that this information has leaked before the team was ready to show it off.

I’m unsure if my interest in Redfall has increased at all after digesting all this information. On one hand I love Arkane and the idea of them tackling a vampire gets me excited, but on the other hand looter shooters aren’t really my jam. I’ll hold any real judgement until Arkane is ready show off the game in proper detail.

What did you make of the Redfall leak? Are you more excited for it? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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