Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Has Returned…As DLC For Dead By Daylight

Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Has Returned…As DLC For Dead By Daylight

How exciting was it to play through the excellent and terrifying PT, only to have a teaser trailer for Silent Hills, a new entry into the franchise headed up by Hideo Kojima, waiting for you at the finish line? The answer is amazing of course, PT was incredible and if that was what we had in store for us with Silent Hills then we were in for a good time.

Of course, we all know what happened next, but fans of the Silent Hill series have held out hope that another game might crop up eventually. While I can’t tell you that’s the case, a new DLC pack for the asymmetric horror game Dead By Daylight does bring back a friendly (I guess) face.

Developers Behaviour Interactive announced yesterday (May 27) that Dead By Daylight will be receiving a Silent Hill-themed DLC pack that adds everybody’s favourite tormentor Pyramid Head to the roster of killers.

That’s not all; the DLC will also include the new Midwich Elementary School map, as well Cheryl Mason (the protagonist from Silent Hill 3) as a new survivor.

The Silent Hill DLC pack will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC sometime in June.

Is it a new Silent Hill game? No. Will it be awesome to play as Pyramid Head, hunting down innocent survivors? Absolutely.

Do you play Dead By Daylight? Are you keen for the Silent Hill DLC? Let us know.

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