Square Enix & PACER Join Forces To Stop Bullying

Square Enix & PACER Join Forces To Stop Bullying

Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment, the folks behind Life is Strange, are working on bringing one of the game’s in-universe campaigns out into the real world. They’re trying to address and help prevent bullying, domestic abuse, and violence by starting the #EveryDayHeroes hashtag, highlighting submissions on their very own EveryDay Heroes website.

According to the video and website above, every tweet you share using the #EveryDayHeroes hashtag increases the amount of money that Square Enix will donate to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Life is Strange deals with each and every one of these things and more, and has, right off the bat of episode one, displayed a scrolling text warning at the bottom of the screen advising people who may feel strongly about its subject matter to head on over to Dontnod’s support resources website. Now, it seems like instead of just providing support, they want to help provide a platform to share people’s uplifting stories about their own everyday heroes.

Though we can’t all be a Max or even a Chloe to those that we love and care about the most, we can still be everyday heroes in our own way. If there’s somebody you feel has helped you through some incredibly tough times, or someone you think just deserves a little bit more recognition than they’re getting, then why not share their story? You’d be surprised the kind of impact simple recognition can have on someone.

You should check out the EveryDayHeroes section on the Life Is Strange website when you get a chance to check out the powerful stories that are being shared as we speak.

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