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Star Wars: Squadrons Leaked And Then Confirmed By EA – Trailer Dropping Next Week

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Back in March of this year (2020), an unannounced Star Wars game, titled Star Wars: Project Maverick, popped up on the European PlayStation Store for a brief time before being taken down.

The image that accompanied the post showed off Star Destroyers, X-Wings, Tie Fighters and possibly the planet Mustafar, so you could say that I, along with plenty of other fans, was pretty keen to see what it was.

It doesn’t look like we will have to wait much longer though, as a Microsoft Store listing outed what is likely the finalised title for Project Maverick, alongside a snazzy new image.

Named Star Wars: Squadrons, the leak didn’t stay unpatched for long before EA confirmed the existence of the game, confirming that a reveal trailer will be dropping next Tuesday (June 16).

The new artwork shows off a Rebel Pilot and a TIE Pilot with plenty of spacecraft from either side of the galactic fence zooming around (including the TIE Striker from Rogue One). I can’t wait to see what this game has in store for us and luckily there are only a few days left to wait.

Are you keen to see what Squadrons will be? What would you like to see on Tuesday? Let us know.

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