Microsoft Studios

Bleeding Edge Review

How fares Ninja Theory's online-only experiment?

Halo: Reach PC Review

The port we needed it to be

Halo: Reach PC Release Date Finally Revealed

Get ready for New Alexandria in 4K 60fps

Forza Horizon 4 Review

Pure bliss

Sea of Thieves Review

Piracy is dickery. That's just the pirate way!

New Plans For The Xbox Game Pass Announced

Xbox One exclusive games from Microsoft Studios are on the horizon

Now That E3 Has Come And Gone, Don’t Preorder Those Games You Saw

In a world where cut content and subpar launches are the norm, preorder culture does more harm than good

E3 2017: Crackdown 3 To Launch Alongside Xbox One X

The power of the Xbox One X and Terry Crews combine on November 7th

Dead Rising 4 Review

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Dead Rising 4 was throwing out the 'Dead Rising' rulebook.

Battlefield 1 Tops Sales Charts For The Week Ending October 30

WW1 pew pews are still coming out on top.

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