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Tails Of Iron 2: Whiskers Of Winter Announced And It Releases Later This Year

News that gets my whiskers tingling

During the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, United Label and Odd Bug Studio announced Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter, the follow-up to its 2021 critically acclaimed 2D Soulslike title Tails of Iron, which will be released on consoles and PC later this year.

Once again narrated by Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia) and set after the events of the first game, Whiskers of Winter follows the story of a young rat named Arlo (son of the Warden of the North), who’s on a quest for revenge after a brutal attack by a fanged threat known as the Dark Wing Bats. The campaign will feature six different biomes to explore set in the northern realms of the Ratdom and a new day and night system that will see Arlo face different enemies depending on the time of day, and players will have access to base building mechanics that will allow Arlo to re-build the settlement of Winter Edge.

Of course, the game’s gorgeous art style will be on display once more, and the challenging combat has been enhanced and will include four elemental attacks (fire, ice, electricity, and poison) to give Arlo a further edge in his quest for revenge.


I was very impressed with Tails of Iron in 2021, scoring it a 9.5 in my review and saying “Backed by a stunning art style and the voice of Geralt of Rivia, Tails of Iron is an excellent action-adventure RPG that offers a challenging yet satisfying Souls-inspired experience in a captivating medieval world.” So I am very excited to be heading back into Odd Bug’s ratworld later this year.

Are you excited for Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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Written By Zach Jackson

Despite a childhood playing survival horrors, point and clicks and beat ’em ups, these days Zach tries to convince people that Homefront: The Revolution is a good game while pining for a sequel to The Order: 1886 and a live-action Treasure Planet film. Carlton, Burnley FC & SJ Sharks fan. Get around him on Twitter @tightinthejorts




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